Saturday, June 29, 2013

True Blood- the MS house

If you’re a fan of True Blood you probably recognize this house as the Mississippi home of Russell Edgington. (who has now met the true death) While it appeared as an elaborate multi-roomed mansion, that’s not really the case, as many of you may know. The house is actually the historic Longwood Plantation in Natchez, MS. Longwood Plantation, also known as Nutt’s Folly, began construction in the 1860s. It is a very different looking plantation building when compared to other plantation homes in the area. Rather than the usual Greek Revival style that was so popular in the South during that era, the builder chose to create a multistory, octagonal, Oriental Revival style home. The house is six stories tall, 30,000 square feet, and has a large byzantine styled dome. Dr. Haller Nutt began the building of the home and a Philadelphia architect named Samuel Sloan designed it. Before the house could be completed the Civil War broke out and construction halted. The workers were needed at home, so they left the house in an unfinished state. The exterior of the house was complete but the inside was never finished. The house has 32 rooms, but only 9 were completed. In 1864, Dr. Nutt died. His wife continued to live in the first floor of the house. The first floor still has many of the original furnishings and belongings. Even through years of neglect and abandonment, the house survived. It is well known as one of the most beautiful, as well as the largest, of the octagonal houses. If you’re ever in the area Longwood is open for tours as are many historic homes in Natchez.

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