Saturday, July 28, 2012

At Last

So finally my young adult werewolf book Marked is available in ebook format at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.  For now only the ebook is available. The print book will be a few more weeks. I'm busy working on my young adult Atlantis book which I hope to have available soon.  For now these are the only two sites but if you have another favorite site to get ebooks let me know and I will try and get on there. These were the two most familiar to me. Well back to work and if you decide to purchase and read Marked I hope you enjoy!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

About Marked

I'm posting below a blurb about Marked.

Nightmares and sleepwalking haven’t made good bedfellows for Alexis Miller for the last year. Now that she’s been exiled to the swamps of Lebeaux, Louisiana to spend the summer with an aunt she barely knows, she’ll have to deal with the problem on her own. But Lebeaux has its own problems. People are dying here and no one seems to be able to stop it.
New friends and a new guy she’s falling in love with should make for a good summer, but Alexis’ nightmares and sleep walking are escalating and are populated with the wolves she sees lurking in the woods near her aunt’s home. The visions she’s seeing of blood and death have Alexis wondering what exactly she’s doing when she’s sleepwalking and the discovery of her aunt’s bloody shirt makes her question her Aunt Louise’s involvement in the recent deaths. Even the sheriff is giving Alexis accusing looks.
Before summer ends Alexis will learn an ominous truth. One that will change her life forever

Friday, July 20, 2012

Marked Cover Reveal

Today's COVER REVEAL DAY!!!! Thanks to the Bookish Brunette 45 fabulous book bloggers will be revealing the cover of the first book in my werewolf series. The book should be available as an ebook on July 23rd and in trade paper back on create space in a few weeks following that. I've reposted the cover here and you can visit the bookish brunette or any one of the other awesome bloggers (most are listed on her site under blog tour hostesses) to see the cover revealed with a blurb. I'll be posting more later on this blog!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

One of My Favorites

I was thinking about my favorite foods.  Now it's not like I have just one or two, but I'm choosing one that stands out to me today.  My go to dip is quick and easy. Everyone always likes it and wants the recipe so I'm putting it up here just in case anyone reads this and suddenly realizes.. "crap, I've got to take something to work for that party". You can take this. Just get a roll of Jimmy Dean sausage (yes, I believe it makes a difference so use the good stuff). Brown this and drain it. Then you can put it back in a pan or toss it in the crockpot and let it all cook slowly. To the sausage add one 8 oz. cream cheese, 8 oz sour cream, 1 can rotel. Heat until it's all mixed together and serve with tortilla chips. (right it's not good for your diet) I got this recipe from my sister in law and I love it. I'm ashamed to say I have been known to make it and eat it for dinner. So sad. It is generally well liked by most people and it's what all my co workers want me to bring whenever we have something at work. If you need a quick carry out for a party or get together try this. You won't be disappointed.

Friday, July 6, 2012

You'd think I'd Know This

Hmmm.  So I'd excitedly posted the covers of my young adult books I'll be publishing in July and late August/ early September. Today I was reminded that ummm yeah that wasn't exactly the thing to do. I'm working with the Bookish Brunette on...wait for it....cover reveals. So she emails me today to say that uh...yeah.. don't I think it would be a good idea to take my cover OFF my website, blog and Facebook since the WHOLE point of the cover reveal is to REVEAL the cover. Okay, what the heck was I thinking. Apparently, I wasn't. So I've taken my covers down. ( though I'm still struggling with that darned website). Anyway, I'll put them back up as soon as the cover reveals happen. My Marked cover will be revealed in a couple of weeks with the Breathe cover to follow shortly. Not sure why I didn't know this or realize this. Thankfully, the BB is on it!!