Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Extravaganza

It's a Book Extravaganza hosted by the Bookish Brunette and appearing at this unbelievable list of fabulous bloggers. (Thanks for gathering such a great group BB). And thanks to all those listed below who agreed to participate. Visit any of these sights to sign up for two prizes to be given away.

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

What's up now!

I thought I'd give an update on where I'm at right now with books and writing. I'm presently trying hard to get Book 2 of my werewolf series done. I'd originally planned to title it Relentless. But wow, there are an awful lot of books with that title. So I'm trying to come up with something else. I'm open to suggestions if anyone wants to give one. Also I'm busy getting organized to post links to my second book Breathe, the first book in my Atlantis series. Breathe is now live and available at Amazon and B&N and hopefully very soon at Ibooks.  I'll also, hopefully, have links to print versions of both books shortly. I'll be having a book extravaganza later this month, more info to come on that...well...LATER!!! There will be prizes!! So that's it for now but much more to come soon!!