Sunday, April 14, 2013


I'm waiting for my second werewolf book to come back from its first set of edits, but I wanted to make another rune post. In my new werewolf book the rune Kenaz becomes important to Alexis. Kenaz traditionally means torch. Kenaz’s element is fire. It is the rune of burning light, heat and warmth physically.  Mentally it is the rune of an awakened and enlightened mind. In a reading it may shed light on an unknown or unacknowledged aspect of the person, as it does for Alexis. If reversed Kenaz may indicate an impending loss or the arrival of darkness on an important path. Depending on what other runes Kenaz falls with the loss may be temporary or more permanent.  I loved this pewter pendant of Kenaz. You can find it at Kaboodle.

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