Friday, September 14, 2012

Where in I decided to write a werewolf book

Okay, so many moons ago. (LOL moons, werewolves) Anyway, I had the idea to write a werewolf book forever ago and many starts and stops later, I finally had it done. And now it's up and available. (With quite an awesome cover, I might add. Thanks Claudia at PhatpuppyArt!) But the idea really came to me when one afternoon I went to get my min pin boy from his kennel area where he stayed when we were at work. (He only did that for a short time. He has much nicer digs now.) So when I let him out into the yard he ran about as min pins often do and as we both went past an overgrown lane that led into the woods I suddenly saw a coyote cross the lane not twenty yards away from us. (I did mention I live in the woods right? As in no cable, no DSL woods) I was petrified. It might have even been closer than twenty yards. I mean he was right there!! So I scooped up my baby but even as we walked along I imagined that coyote just in the edge of the woods, watching us. Fine, so it was a coyote, not a wolf. But it was a REALLY BIG grayish coyote. And I thought... I want to write a werewolf book that's creepy like I feel creepy now with that big freakin coyote watching me. So maybe he wasn't watching, but I bet he was. He probably wanted my little boy for  a snack. So of course when I wrote the book it had to have a min pin in it. Inspired by the boy in puppy dog clothes. Yes, that's him in the picture. My inspiration for Beowulf in my book Marked. He is eating up his toy squirrel in this picture. But what he really loves are mice. He's a way better mouser than the cats!! And so that's how a werewolf book came to be from a coyote and a min pin. Only in my weird brain!

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