Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Sassy Pie

Sorry if you're looking for a recipe. You won't find that here. As you can see this is a different kind of sweetie pie! 

She wouldn't mind getting in a pie plate if you'd give her some pie to eat. Sassy is my little min pin rescue that I found in the spring of 08. My best friend and I were on a break between classes in nurse practitioner school and we were enjoying our favorite past time of cruising Petfinder. And there she was, at a shelter not far from my home. I spun the monitor around and said. "I'm going to get her." My friend questioned if my husband would agree to get her and I truly wasn't sure. I told her I was going to get the dog then just tell him she had "wandered up".  In the end I told him I wanted her. We weren't looking for a second dog, but he agreed to get her. She was still a little thin and very scared. Yet in just a few days she had my husband wrapped around her little paw. Sassy had been pulled from a home by the SPCA for abuse and neglect and had ended up at at a city shelter but had been picked up by a rural shelter that was no kill and they had put her on their Petfinder site. She's such a girl and someone was good to her somewhere because she wants to be in your lap every minute she can. Everyone who meets her loves her. She keeps us laughing all the time and has been such a special addition to our family. If you're considering getting a dog think about a rescue dog. Even if you're set on specific breed there are lots of breed rescues that often even have puppies. I can't imagine we could ever have gotten a more special dog if we'd paid a million dollars. She's worth a million to us. So that's my Sweet Sassy Pie.  Absolutely fabulous...and calorie free!!!!

Check here if you want to rescue a min pin!

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